Revelations in Motion

Reveal Visuals produces stunning, state-of-the-art 3D visualizations.

We create customized showpiece, textural, animated videos, 3D renderings and interactive 3D virtual tours.  We are transforming how property developments--from a single building to expansive communities--are conceived, proposed, approved, financed, marketed, sold and leased.  We craft extraordinary visual tools for a range of industries and disciplines:  investors, shareholders, municipalities, developers and master planners. . .architects, engineers, interior and urban designers and landscapers. 

With clarity and detail, we tell emotional, accessible stories to help our clients sell an idea--from concept to construction to marketing and advertising.

From a building. . . to a neighborhood. . .to an entire urban core.

Ground-up construction.  Reclamation and reuse.  The marriage of place to purpose.

Every edifice, every development, every public space affects every part of its natural and human environment in profound and personal ways. 

What will it look like?  What is its scale?  What is the physical and emotional context?

How do the spaces interact?  How will life be lived there?

Reveal Visuals defines the essence, the scope, the spirit of every venture.

Reveal Visuals empowers developers, owners and managers, and their ancillary design and consultant teams, to announce and promote their properties from square one, long before construction begins.  Realistic, accurate visual presentations give all relevant parties and decision makers a unique viewpoint--to see and understand the project’s component parts and how they work as a whole.  

Personal, direct, motivating. . .Reveal Visuals creates memorable 3D videos with compelling images, video effects and emotive music that amplify your message and help galvanize audiences.

Because we know that litigation attorneys face unique communications challenges, we began sister company, Reveal Litigation Visuals in 2009.

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President and Chief Communicator

Collette Feldmann once dreamt of becoming a journalist - today she helps tell all kinds of stories. Her energy comes from understanding a complex issue, then crafting a way to visually communicate it. She started Reveal Visuals in 2002 and continues to cement solid relationships with clients by solving their problems and telling their stories while inspiring her team to incorporate the latest technology and tools to meet client’s needs.

Originally from New Orleans, Collette attended high school in Tyler, Texas before coming to Columbus to earn her degree from The Ohio State University. Collette and her husband Marty have four children and celebrated their 30th anniversary in 2018.



3D Animation Manager

Ivan earned his Master’s degrees in Architecture and City Planning. His passion can be found at the intersection of technology and design. He has over 10 years experience as an architect, CG artist and director of marketing. Today Ivan serves as our art director and leads the 3D production tea



Video Aficionado

Curt is our lead videographer and certified drone pilot. Curt earned his bachelors degree from The Ohio State University. Getting his start working in news and television, Curt has over 10 years of experience in media production. Curt maintains his FAA Remote Pilot Certification and also teaches a class which covers drone piloting for commercial users. Curt is the lead camera operator, editor, and visual effects designer.



3D Rendering Guru

Armed with his BFA in Illustration from The Columbus College of Art and Design, Marty began his career in 3D visualization over 20 years ago. His keen attention to detail, creativity and vision combined with excellent client service skills make him an invaluable member of the team.